CQC provides updated guidance for prescribers on MHA Forms T2 and T3

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Following the BNF format changes in October 2015, many aspects of compliance had to be amended and with this in mind, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have offered guidance on the Mental Health Act (MHA) Forms T2 and T3.

The CQC recommends that:

  • “New T3 certificates should record the class of drug and route of administration but rather than noting particular sections, should either; state that the dose is within BNF guidelines as to advisory maximum dose limits for that route, or state a maximum dose limit referenced to BNF guidelines such as, for example, 50% or 120%, or state a named drug and its route and dose maximum.”
  • “Where a patient is capable of giving consent and does so, then it is likely that the consent discussion should and will have included reference to a specific drug which it was intended to prescribe, rather than to broad classes. It is, therefore, good practice, but not a requirement, to specify the actual medications and their purpose on Form T2 rather than broad classes of the drug.”

An example extract from a Form T2 might, therefore, read as follows:

Quetiapine, oral antipsychotic, within BNF advisory maximum dose limits.”

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