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Updated NICE guidance [NG87] – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: diagnosis and management

This NICE guideline for ADHD was updated in September 2019 to indicate that an ECG is not needed before starting stimulants, atomoxetine or guanfacine for patients without increased cardiovascular risk.



Updated NICE guidance [CG176] – Head injury: assessment and early management

This NICE guideline for head injuries was updated in September 2019 to provide advice on when to have a CT scan to change warfarin to anticoagulants when investigating clinically important brain injuries.



Updated SIGN guideline [136] – Management of chronic pain

Updated in August 2019, this SIGN guideline includes updated advice on the increased risks of using opioids for the treatment of chronic pain which can result from tolerance, dependence and other adaptions leading to increased mortality.



Updated British Thoracic Society/SIGN guideline on the management of asthma

Each year, 5.4 million people are treated for asthma in the UK, costing £1 billion annually, and on average three people die from an attack each day. To improve outcomes, more tailored and personalised care is recommended to help people manage their asthma more effectively and reduce acute illness. It is critical that all asthma patients have a personalised action plan and their symptoms, medication and inhaler technique are monitored appropriately.







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