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The Choice and Medication website has been developed over a number of years to provide information to patients about their medication and, in particular, possible side effects.Surveys have consistently shown that

  • Service users are not given enough information about their medication
  • This can lead to poor compliance with prescribed treatment.

Treatment choice is part of mental health care policy and professional practice and so the development of this web based tool adds to the available resources which facilitate informed decision making.

The Choice and Medication website:

  • Is designed for patients to get access to information on commonly prescribed medication used to treat mental health conditions
  • Includes comparisons between the different drugs used together with other information
  • Can be used by carers and as a valuable educational aid for mental health professionals

Some of the information will be available to our hospital clients in a booklet form, “Handy Charts”, which will be useful when access to the internet isn’t possible. One free copy will be sent to wards in the near future; additional copies will be chargeable.

Professor Stephen Bazire is the main contributor and editor of the website and it has been developed with wide support from charities and professional bodies in the mental health sector.

To access the Choice and Medication website, please click here.

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