Standards for the design of hospital inpatient Prescription Charts

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The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, together with the Royal College of Nursing, and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society have produced a set of 21 standards for the design of prescription charts.


These include appropriate spaces for the patient’s details including a box for drug allergies. The prescription chart should have space for once-only medication, regular medicines and “as required” medicines. Each section must have a section for nurses to record the administration.

The Ashtons Prescription Charts comply fully with all the 21 standards.

An additional good practice recommendation is that a standardised training package should be available to train prescribers and nurses on the appropriate use of the prescription chart.

Ashtons provides an accredited e-learning training course on Prescribing and Administering and this is available for clinical staff on no extra charge for our hospitals.

For further information about our e-learning programme click here

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