Re-launch of seven day medication compliance pack

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Ashtons can dispense into a specially designed pack which holds one week’s supply of a patients medication.

Following feedback from patients and staff, we have revised the design of the pack and incorporated some unique features.

The new pack is clearly labelled and easy to use, acting as a compliance aid which is helpful for patients who are self-administrating. It can also be used to organise complex dose regimens such as clozapine dose titration or a Detox treatment and this is helpful for nurses.

The blisters which hold the medication are completely clear which facilitates checking the contents. The doses are separated into the times of the day using bright colour coding, labelling and also simple pictorial logos which all promote accurate administration.

The doses are easier to administer because there is a finger-frendly pull-tab for each dose which is very easy to remove and so provides ready access to the medication. There is no foil to push through, which had been a problem for some users of our previous design.

Finally, we have produced a medicine pot which fits snugly over the opened medication compartment and this allows the medication to be tipped out without the risk of it being dropped on the floor. This would be particularly useful for self-medicating patients if they had problems with handling or dexterity.

There is a charge for Ashtons to supply the seven day medication compliance pack, but the price has not been increased compared to the original pack despite the extra features of the new design.

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