Flu Vaccine

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Flu is a highly infectious virus infection that spreads rapidly through coughs and sneezes. For most healthy people it is an unpleasant illness but recovery will be within a week.

Certain people are at greater risk of developing complications which may be serious. The Department of Health have identified “at-risk” people who are recommended to get vaccinated and include people who-

• Are over 65
• Have certain medical conditions
• Are living in a long-term care facility
• Are a health-care worker

If your hospital is one of our clients, your flu vaccines can be ordered as stock from Ashtons. They are supplied in packs of 10 pre-filled syringes, but smaller quantities can be ordered on a named-patient basis.

The best time to have a flu jab is in the autumn from September to early November each year. Further details on flu vaccination can be obtained from the Department of Health website-



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