Emergency Drugs Box Replenishment and Bespoke Labelling

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We have recently developed a computerised database of the contents of all our hospitals’ emergency drugs boxes and now have a new system which enables us to pre-order the required emergency drugs in a timely manner, so that there is no delay in our pharmacist replenishing the ward emergency drugs stock.

A bespoke printed label is automatically produced for each ward’s emergency box which has the details of the contents including the drug name, batch number and expiry date for each product. Shorter-dated drugs are highlighted on the label to facilitate checking by hospital staff.

Ashtons provides advice and information on the range and type of emergency drugs required for each setting to meet the regulations and guidelines. One of our Clinical Training Seminars is entitled “Anaphylaxis” and this can be included in the allocation of courses that hospitals can chose from the Ashtons Portfolio of Training.

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