MHRA Safety Warning regarding Electronic Cigarettes

 In Clinical Guidelines, MRHA News and Safety Alerts

The MHRA proposes to regulate e-cigarettes following their widespread use and the current lack of safety or quality monitoring.

The will be licensed as medicines in the same way as nicotine-replacement products such as nicotine gum, lozenges, patches and oral spray.

Many hospitals have prohibited the use of e-cigarettes for the following reasons:

  • Risk of secondary inhalation of nicotine vapour
  • The cartridges contain a concentrated solution of nicotine which could cause toxicity if ingested orally
  • The inhaler device can be used to start a fire
  • The device can be taken apart and used for self-harm, for example swallowing the battery or using broken parts for cutting
  • There are no quality standards regarding manufacture, storage etc
  • There has been no proper safety evaluation of these products which contain other ingredients besides nicotine

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