JEXT® adrenaline provides an alternative to Epipen®

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Epipen® is an auto-injector containing adrelaline which is a specially designed injection device used in the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis.

It is designed so that patients can self-administer, or staff can use it to save time as an alternative to using syringes and ampoules. However, Epipen® has a relatively short expiry date with 12 months being the maximum period.

An alternative adrenaline auto-injector is available, with the propriety brand name Jext®, which has a longer shelf-life of up to 24 months. So Ashtons recommends replacing Epipens® with Jext® as this will be more cost-effective.

Ashtons provides a training seminar on anaphylaxis, and this includes a practical demonstration on the use of auto-injectors.

For further information on Jext® adrenaline auto-injectors, visit:


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