NICE Guidance on Mental Wellbeing of Older People in Care Homes (QS50)

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Evidence suggests that many older people are dissatisfied, lonely and depressed, and many are living with low levels of life satisfaction and wellbeing. These problems are widespread in older people living in care homes.

Older people in care homes do not have access to enough activities or ways to occupy their time. It has also been reported that many care home residents have problems accessing NHS primary and secondary healthcare services.

A lack of activity and limited access to essential healthcare services can have a detrimental impact on a person’s mental wellbeing.

Older people in care homes should be treated with dignity and as individuals who have choice and control over how they live their lives and the care they receive.

Empowering older people in care homes to be involved in all decisions about their lifestyle and care is fundamental to their mental wellbeing.


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