What is the role of your visiting pharmacist?

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All Ashtons pharmacists are specialist clinical pharmacists and provide regular visits for our hospital clients, which include:

  • Supporting compliance with the Care Quality Commission regulations relating to medication
  • Clinically reviewing patients’ prescription charts to ensure legality, appropriateness of treatment, and any special warnings such as potential adverse drug interactions
  • Checking  medication management to ensure compliance with all regulations and best practice guidelines regarding ordering, storage, administration, disposal and recording
  • Providing audits and reports to demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Providing advice and drug information to appropriate staff regarding all aspects of medication
  • Participating in clinical governance and advisory committees to provide input on medication issues
  • Reviewing medication policies to ensure compliance with standards and recommending relevant changes based on regulatory  or best practice guidance
  • Providing training on medication topics to support continual professional development of hospital staff

Future developments this year include developing and enhancing our reporting services, which will be provided electronically, and this will result in more timely feedback from the hospital’s pharmacist.


Written by:

Yachna Tak, Clinical Director

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