Implementation of the Ashtons Live View System

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Due to overwhelming requests for more timely and detailed reports in an electronic format, Ashtons has developed software known as the Ashtons Live View System.

This new system will electronically record any interactions or issues identified by the pharmacist during their hospital visit and then automatically collate this information into an easy-to-read report for distribution to relevant hospital staff as soon as their visit is complete.

This highly efficient method of reporting will increase visibility of relevant actions and provide hospitals with the opportunity to respond rapidly if necessary. It replaces the previous system, which involved pharmacists creating written reports for each ward after their visit.

Designated Ashtons Live View System Laptop
The Ashtons Live View system has now been implemented for our hospital clients and it has become necessary for the visiting pharmacists to carry a mobile device to record data during ward visits.

As such, the pharmacists have been provided with a designated laptop to use for recording information in the Ashtons Live View System.

Ashtons has taken appropriate steps to protect patient confidentiality and privacy, and also prevent unauthorised access by patients to their laptop computers.

The pharmacist will only use the Ashtons Live View System laptop whilst working in the clinic room, not in any other area that might be occupied by patients.

If you are one of our hospital clients and you have any questions about this new service, please contact our Clinical Director, Yachna Tak on 07976 125017 or

If you are not currently one of our hospital clients and would like to know more about how the Ashtons Live View System and our range of pharmacy services may be able to benefit your hospital, please contact our Managing Director, Laurence Sprey on 01273 224621.

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