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Following customer requests for additional assistance with compliance beyond the remit of our regular pharmacy service, Ashtons can now provide hospital clients with an independent and impartial mock CQC inspection on medicines management.

This service is also relevant for HIW and HIS regulations.

The mock inspection is an audit, designed to provide you with an objective measurement of your regulatory compliance at the time of the mock inspection, in relation to medicines management.

It will highlight any deficiencies that need addressing and outline how to do so.

The benefits of a mock inspection
A mock inspection can provide your hospital with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Quality assurance and evidence of independent audit for the regulator
  • Identifying potential compliance issues, thereby helping to prevent an adverse inspection
  • Helping to resolve issues following a serious incident
  • Providing evidence of the resolution of issues following an adverse inspection
  • Providing evidence to help with the process of due diligence

“I have a regular visiting pharmacist, why do I need a mock inspection?

Our pharmacy services provide our hospital clients with ongoing support with medicines management. The mock inspection service will assess whether the hospital actually meets the required standards on the day the mock inspection is carried out.

Visiting pharmacists have a schedule of agreed tasks, which includes audits and checks against compliance. However, their main function is to support each hospital’s clinical staff to treat patients safely and appropriately.

A mock inspection delves much further into medicines management compliance, covering areas outside the remit of the visiting pharmacist, such as the assessment of patient notes with respect to medication.

Reporting and feedback following the inspection
Any urgent areas will be communicated on the day of the inspection.

A full report is typically supplied within 10 days. The report will provide help and advice on the latest best practice guidance, as well as the regulatory minimum requirements.

Typically, within 7 days of the report being issued we will contact you to discuss the report, clarify any issues that may have been identified and discuss possible solutions to resolve these issues.

If your hospital is one of our clients and you would like a quote for a compliance assessment or further details on our compliance-based services, please contact our Compliance Administrator on 01273 224624.

If you are not currently one of our hospital clients and would like to know more about how our mock inspection service or our range of pharmacy services may be able to benefit your hospital, please contact our Managing Director, Laurence Sprey on 01273 224621.

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