NICE Chronic Kidney Disease (CG 182)

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It was estimated that approximately 7000 excess strokes and 12000 excess myocardial infarctions occurred in people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in 2009–10. Strategies aimed at earlier identification and prevention of progression to end-stage kidney disease are clearly needed.

This guideline seeks to address these issues by updating the 2008 NICE guidance in areas where new data have become available, and providing new guidance in areas where previously no evidence existed.

The new and updated areas include:

  • identification and investigation of people who have or are at risk of developing CKD
  • classification of CKD and identification of people at risk of CKD complications and progression
  • the definition of CKD progression
  • the relationship between acute kidney injury and CKD
  • self-management of CKD
  • pharmacotherapy for CKD


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