NICE Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of Drug Allergy (CG183)

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This guideline offers best practice advice on the diagnosis, documentation and communication of drug allergy in adults, children and young people.

All drugs have the potential to cause side-effects, also known as ‘adverse drug reactions’, but not all of these are allergic in nature. Other reactions are idiosyncratic, pseudo allergic or caused by drug intolerance. This guideline has defined drug allergy as any reaction caused by a drug with clinical features compatible with an immunological mechanism.

Diagnosing drug allergy can be challenging and there is considerable variation both in how drug allergy is managed and in access to specialist drug allergy services. This can lead to under diagnosis, misdiagnosis and self diagnosis. The scope of this guideline identified a need for guidance to improve clinical management for people affected by drug allergy. Major issues identified by this guideline include poor clinical documentation of drug allergy and a lack of patient information.


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