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Following the recent initial launch of the Ashtons Live View System, we are delighted to announce some significant enhancements, giving relevant hospital staff access to the system itself, with the ability to view data, add comments and create reports.

The new version of the Ashtons Live View System gives hospital staff easy and instant access to our pharmacists’ findings. You will benefit greatly from the ability to generate your own real time reports, instantly and on demand, showing data right up to the most recent visit to your hospital.

Enhanced auditing and reporting

A pre-prepared suite of reports are available, including all routine reports that you receive now and many others. Your medicines management reports can now be generated directly through Ashtons Live View, so you no longer have to wait until the end of the month or quarter to see your data.

Reports include audits of each ward’s clinic room, records of patients on high dose antipsychotics and clozapine stock levels for each patient. All reports can be instantly exported to Excel for easy printing or further analysis of the data.

Helps to improve analysis of trends

You are now able to analyse trends in error rates over time, filtering to specific types of intervention, wards or consultants.

Hospital managers can generate up-to-date performance reports comparing the error rates by location and consultant, encouraging sharing of best practice and helping  to drive down errors rates.

Increases the visibility

Ward staff and consultants benefit from seeing any relevant comments or concerns raised by our pharmacists, immediately after the visit. Staff members can respond  accordingly to indicate the actions taken.

Hospital managers and Ashtons pharmacists have full visibility of all comments and actions and can participate in the discussion to ensure any issues are resolved.

Evidence for compliance

The Ashtons Live View System supports your hospital in evidencing your medicines management compliance to your regulators. A full history of our visits to your hospital can be displayed through Ashtons Live View, with all of our findings for that visit available at the click of a button.

A summary of your staff’s actions and responses to our commentsor concerns can be easily generated and used as evidence to demonstrate to your regulators the actions that your hospital has taken.

For managers,  there are further benefits. Reports can be produced comparing hospitals, wards and consultants across a group or at each site, providing an early warning of any issues.

A report of the most frequent errors across any part of your group can be generated, highlighting common problems or possible training issues. Generating trends and comparisons will provide evidence of the work carried out to improve medicines management across your organisation.

All significant interventions made by our pharmacists are highlighted, allowing managers to easily find the most important concerns requiring attention, contribute to associated discussions and see what actions have been taken by hospital staff to resolves the issues.

Keeps your data secureDSC_0213-converted_

The security of your data is of paramount concern to us. Firstly, we follow Caldicott principles by using the minimum amount of patient data possible – only patient initials are used within Ashtons Live View – and by limiting access to the data to only those staff members who need to see it.

Access to the Ashtons Live View System is password controlled and user accounts are limited to staff of your choosing.

We also employ a range of additional security measures to ensure your data is safe. Ashtons Live View is protected by Secure Socket Later (SSL) to ensure data cannot be intercepted between your site and our firewall protected servers.

If you are an exisiting customer and you have questions about this new service, please contact your visiting pharmicist, or alternitvely you can call us on 0845 222 3550. This number also applies to those who haven’t used our services before but are interested in finding out more.
Written by:

Yachna Tak
Clinical Director

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