We are Releasing a Brand New Pharmacy Information Folder

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We are developing an information folder which will be designed to provide clear guidance to ward staff on how to access the pharmacy services that Ashtons provide. This will be particularly useful for new staff who will benefit from succinct guidance on how to order medication and other important tasks.

As a readily available reference, it will also help resolve queries from staff which should avoid the need to phone the pharmacy in many cases.

The folder will include guidance and information on the following:

  • Contact List for Ashtons 
  • Ordering stock medication
  • Online ordering
  • Patient-named supplies
  • Ordering controlled drugs
  • Receiving and checking deliveries
  • Dealing with order discrepancies
  • Accessing medical information

We will distribute the Pharmacy  Information Folder to all wards so that staff will have easy access to the guidance and be able to refer to it when required. The information will also be available online.

The Pharmacy Information Folder will be launched later this year, and we hope that your staff will find it to be a useful resource.

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