A dedicated pharmacist with a passion for educating children in Kenya

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Born and raised in Kenya, Yachna was given the opportunity to travel to the UK to study at the University of Brighton, before joining Ashtons as a trainee pharmacist in 1995. Her passion and drive saw her flourish, going on to achieve a postgraduate qualification and a promotion to Clinical Director in 2007.

Yachna is well aware of the amazing opportunity she was given: “I was lucky to study in the UK and I have never forgotten that gift. It inspired me to try to make a difference to my fellow Kenyans who are less fortunate than me”.

“In Kenya, education is only free for primary school aged children.  Secondary education must be paid for.  Consequently, the vast majority of children grow up not being able to study further and realise their dreams”.

Yach and kidsInitially, the scale of the problem left Yachna struggling for direction: “How do you help a whole village of children on your own? An inspirational quote helped provide the focus I needed. “A man is throwing starfish into the sea, but there are thousands of starfish on miles of beach; one man alone cannot make a difference. But he picks up the next starfish and throws it far into the sea. He knows it made a difference for that one”. I decided to focus on a few children and sponsor them sufficiently to finish their education”.

Some of the children Yachna has helped have finished school and begun further education or have gone on to successful careers, she adds “Along with some of my friends and family, I work with the church in Kenya to find children who are desperate to study. We fund their school fees and their accommodation, food and clothing where appropriate. It has been fantastic to see so many of them flourish”.

Yachna is galvanised to help more children and is in the process of creating her own charity, Msaada Marafiki, which means ‘Helping Friends” in Swahili: “I registered Msaada Marafiki as a charity in Kenya last year and we now have a volunteer committee, who help our members stay in regular contact with the children. I am currently working on UK registration as well and we are also creating a website to help spread the word about the work Msaada Marafiki does and the children we help”.

If you would like to know more about the work Yachna does with Msaada Marafiki, she will be delighted to discuss this with you.

You can contact her on:

07976 125017 or yachnatak@ahps.co.uk

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