The NEW Ashtons Clinic Room Audit File – improving the management of your clinic room

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ollowing the introduction of the Ashtons Live View System, we have re-launched our Clinic Room Audit File, with new and amended forms that will be easier to use and provide better controls. It is designed to help you record important data more effectively, improve regulatory compliance and will help you improve your medicines management through more robust and efficient processes.

Designed to help you record important data more effectively and establish more robust and efficient processes, helping you improve both regulatory compliance and the quality of your medicines management.

What’s changed?

  • Easier recording of temperatures – the fridge and room temperature charts into one easy-to-use form, simplifying how you record your temperatures.
  • A more robust stock audit trail – the new Medication Stock Transfer form to record the transfer of medication between wards. This will enhance the audit trail by accounting for the movement of stocks.
  • A more convenient place for recording a patient’s own drugs – for your convenience, the Patient’s Own Drugs (POD) form is now included in this file. All medication brought into the hospital by a patient must be recorded for audit purposes. This form can be used to account for medication administration, disposal or return to the patient when discharged.
  • Improved stock management by highlighting short-dated stock – a short-dated stock form is now included, ensuring medication is flagged and can be removed before it goes out of date.
  • A wider scope for recording safety warnings – the safety warnings form now encourages you to record and action of safety warnings from all relevant regulatory bodies, not just the MHRA.

To ensure you maintain the relevant audit trails and make the best use of the Clinic Room Audit File, it is recommended that one file is used in each of your clinic rooms.

For further help you manage your clinic rooms and medication, we can also provide you with a visiting pharmacist to help you meet best practice and regulatory requirements.


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