Resuscitation ‘lifesaver’ training

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The Resuscitation Council UK has created an innovative and interactive FREE training package consisting of various resources which are available online or via an app (iOS or Android). The main part consists of short e-learning scenarios that put you in real life situations, and tests to see how you would cope when someone is in need of assistance following choking or a collapse.

One of the realistic scenarios takes the form of an interactive film where a young man collapses and needs emergency attention. The trainee plays the role of a passer-by and is asked step-by-step questions while the film keeps running in the background. You will actually learn, as you go along, how fast you must pump their chest during CPR, the amount of breaths you need to give, and even how to find the nearest defibrillator machine.

It provides you with an assessment of your first aid and resuscitation knowledge and skills, so it can be used not only to demonstrate your capability but as an interactive learning tool too.

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