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Burns are among the most common of injuries, particularly in the household and among children. They range in severity from relatively minor first-degree burns, which will usually be red and not blister the skin, up to much more severe third-degree burns, where the skin will display widespread thickening with a white, leathery appearance.

Anyone with more serious burns should receive immediate emergency medical treatment to help prevent complications or even death.

Ashtons provides a range of burns products to treat burns of varying severity, including gels, dressings, creams, sterile solutions and even a sterile burn bag to protect badly burnt hands from further injury or infection.


Recommended products


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Burnshield Hydrogel 125ml

A sterile non-stick burn gel that’s great for hard to reach areas. Fast acting to quickly sooth pain and dissipate heat to minimise burn damage. Suitable for sunburn, superficial/partial thickness burns and rehydration of dressings

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Acriflex Cream for Burns 30g

Contains chlorhexidine gluconate, an antibacterial agent, and can effectively treat minor burns, scalds, sunburn and blisters. Also suitable for treating cuts, scratches, abrasions, and infected or cracked skin.


Further information

To view our full range of products to treat burns, click here:  www.ashtonshospitalpharmacy.com/burns-products

Burns products are also listed in our Medical Supplies Catalogue under ‘Burns’ on page 45, but also under ‘First Aid Dressings’ on page 46.

If you are not currently an Ashtons client, but are interested our range of medical supplies or setting up an account to order online, please call us on 0845 222 3550, or click here for further information on Ashtons and how to contact us.


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