The Ashtons Guide to Smoking Cessation

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Ashtons are proud to announce the launch of our informative ‘Guide to Smoking Cessation’. This has been distributed to wards, but further copies are available from our customer services team. 

The guide was developed by Matthew Roberts, who is one of our clinical pharmacists, and it aims to provide healthcare staff with an accessible reference source of information about smoking cessation. The main topics include:

  • Benefits of stopping smoking
  • Smoking cessation in a mental health setting
  • Guide to available treatments
  • Interactions with medication
  • Smoking cessation in special groups
  • Cost effective choices for smoking cessation

People with a mental illness are much more likely to smoke than others as rates of smoking in mental health inpatient units are around 70% compared with 21% in the general population.

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There are many treatments available that will help with smoking cessation, such as nicotine replacement therapy and medication that reduces the level of craving. The ‘Guide to Smoking Cessation’ lays out various possible treatments, and healthcare organisations can visit our online ordering website to see all our available products for smoking cessation.

It is essential that when aiding a patient to give up smoking, you take into account what medication they are on as smoking can have a big impact on the doses required. For example a commonly used drug such as clozapine, level in the blood in smokers can be half what they are in non-smokers.

However when a person stops smoking, the level quickly begins to rise up to the level of a non-smoker. The guide gives an in-depth review of drugs that smoking does have an effect on and it is important to adjust doses accordingly when smoking cessation starts. Otherwise patients could develop side effects, which in the case of clozapine, are drowsiness, low blood pressure and even seizures.


For further information, please call 0845 222 3550 or email, or click here to order your own copy of the Ashtons Guide to Smoking Cessation from our online ordering website.


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