Improve the management of your clinic room with the Ashtons Clinic Room Audit File

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The Ashtons Clinic Room Audit File is designed to improve the management of your clinic room by helping you record important data more effectively and establishing more robust and efficient processes. It acts as a convenient place to record all important data related to your stock medication.

When used effectively, it will help you improve both regulatory compliance and the quality of your medicines management.

The Clinic Room Audit File will help you:

  • Easily record temperatures on one simple form
  • Create an audit trail for Patient’s Own Drugs, from recording on admission, to disposal or return to patients on discharge.
  • Better manage your stock by helping to highlight short-dated stock, which can then be flagged and removed before going out of date.
  • Improve safety by encourage recording of safety warning from the MHRA and other regulatory bodies.


20150413_160750 - adjustedProvides a more robust stock audit trail

The Ashtons Clinic Room Audit File helps you form a complete medication audit trail in your hospital, including the movement of medication between wards. By providing a clear and robust audit trail, it ensures stricter control over stock levels.

Helps improve your regulatory compliance

All medication brought into the hospital by a patient must be recorded for audit purposes. The Clinic Room Audit File allows you to record both Patient’s Own Drugs as well as general medication stock providing clear stock trails for both in one convenient location.

Helps you record data simply and accurately

The file has been designed specifically to allow you to easily record important stock data. Our unique forms simplify the process, making it easy to make clear and accurate records. The Ashtons Clinic Room Audit File is a simple solution to improving your stock management by providing one convenient place to record stock data.


To ensure you maintain the relevant audit trails and make the best use of the Clinic Room Audit File, it is recommended that one file is used in each of your clinic rooms.

If you would like more information then please call us on 0845 222 3550 or email us on can also view the Clinic Room Audit File on our Online Ordering Website.


Other products Ashtons offers to help you with your regulatory compliance are:

CD register croppedThe Controlled Drugs Register

A drug record book to provide a robust audit trail for Controlled Drugs.

– Designed for the needs of hospitals, care homes and hospices.

– Helps you meet regulatory requirements.

– Helps you record your usage simply and accurately, from receiving stock through to disposal.

– Provides you with a clear, robust audit trail and stock count.

Controlled Drugs Register CDR1 £15.95+VAT


DLM cropped

The Record of Drugs Liable for Misuse (DLMs)

Provides a robust audit trail for Drugs that are liable to be diverted or misused. E.g. benzodiazepines, steroids, psychotropics, laxatives and Viagra®.

– Does everything the Controlled Drugs Register does but has been specifically designed for DLMs.

– Helps improve your security and accountability by providing a clear audit trail.

– Helps you meet regulatory and best practice requirements.

Record of Drugs Liable for Misuse (DLMs) DLMR1 £15.95+VAT


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