Are you disposing of your unwanted controlled drugs safely?

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Disposing of controlled drugs correctly and safely is not only extremely important for your regulatory compliance, but also patient safety.

Controlled drugs (CDs) are medicines which have extra legal restrictions because they can be addictive, misused, and may cause harm. There are severe penalties for not complying with CD regulations.

Therefore systems should be in place to ensure the safe management of controlled drugs. The CQC offer these points to help healthcare organisations identify and demonstrate that they have systems in place to minimise risk when managing CDs:

  • Each healthcare organisation should have clear, written standard operating procedures (SOPs) covering all aspects of CD management that are known, understood and followed by all relevant staff.
  • The SOPs should cover the ordering, storing, administering, recording and destruction of CDs.
  • Staff should be trained to ensure they have the relevant knowledge and skills to undertake the CD related tasks required of them.
  • Staff should know what to do and who to contact if they have a concern about an incident or the performance or practice of other healthcare professionals/ staff.
  • Staff should know how to contact the Area Team Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer (CDAO). The CQC publish a register of their contact details on their website.

It is imperative that a Controlled Drugs Register is kept up-to-date. It is a legal requirement for CD Registers to be available for inspection by the regulators and must be kept securely for a minimum of two years and not discarded. It should not be stored in the CD cupboard but should be stored safely close by.

Ashtons aims to help healthcare providers to record and dispose of their CDs safely and have developed our own Ashtons Controlled Drugs Register, designed specifically for use in healthcare settings.

We also offer Controlled Drug denaturing kits which use an innovative water soluble sachet which contains the denaturing formula. This reduces the risk of contamination to the user due to spillage or a ‘dust cloud’ as the kit does not have to be cut open but dissolves upon the addition of water.

You can view our full range of controlled drugs products by visiting our online ordering website by clicking here.



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