Ashtons Live View reduces drug errors

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How has Live View helped your hospital?

The Ashtons Live View system was launched in July 2014 as an electronic reporting system to replace the handwritten audits which were left by the visiting clinical pharmacists.

Live View made a noticeable impact by improving your hospital’s auditing, reporting and compliance frameworks. We decided to quantify the effect of Live View on medication management in hospitals that we supply and so we commissioned an independent consultant to carry out a detailed statistical analysis of one year’s data. Ashtons now have objective results to demonstrate the effectiveness of Live View in reducing errors and improving quality.

The time frame that was investigated was July 2014 to September 2015, and we looked at several areas which included the pharmacists’ activity, the number of pharmacist interventions, and error rates.

Prescription writing errors decreased by 34%

The error rate is split up into four sub-categories, being ‘administration errors’, ‘prescription writing errors’, ‘patient details errors’ and ‘MHA compliance errors.’
The error rates in all four error categories have been reduced over the year within our hospitals. Even more pleasing was not only had all errors decreased, but ‘prescription writing errors per item’ had gone down 34% in that time period which is exceptional.

Aggregate error rate decreased by 18%

The aggregate error rate, which is the average of all four error categories has fallen by 18%, meaning that hospitals are now more efficient and more compliant, with patient safety improving as a result.

Pharmacist Interventions remained stable

Interventions include all of the advice and queries that the Ashtons Pharmacists make during their visits to hospitals. Many of these interventions are advisory, such as notification of potential drug interactions or advice on special monitoring requirements. These pharmacist interventions have been stable totalling about 4,200 interventions per month during the 12 month time period, and they have been consistently the same month on month.

Ashtons Live View has helped to improve medicines management regulatory compliance by improving quality and reducing errors, and it provides you with a robust audit trail with supporting evidence that can be used in compliance inspections.

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