National minimum standards for PICUs for young people

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The National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (NAPICU) has developed standards for care delivered in Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs) for young people.

This is a thorough and comprehensive resource which covers all aspects of care, from admission through to discharge. It recommends that specialist mental health pharmacists should be available for support, and clinical staff should receive training in rapid tranquillisation.

The need for standards surrounding PICU’s has become evident over time with the shortage of provision for an ever-increasing demand from young people. In 2014, this led to NHS England acknowledging this, and they have committed to “increasing the number of commissioned CAMHS PICU beds”, which should help more young people helped as a result.

The specialist clinical standards were developed by the NAPICU working with stakeholders from all the healthcare sectors including the NHS and independent hospitals. This made sure the standards that have been created suit all parties, leading to better care being given to young patients suffering from severe mental health issues.

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