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Here at Ashtons, we believe that great stock management is imperative to establishing an efficient hospital environment.

Therefore, we aim to give our clients a variety of beneficial services to make sure hospitals stock management is as water tight as possible.

We pride ourselves on maintaining stock control systems that result in the fulfilment of 98.5% of all order requests within our agreed delivery schedules. We try our best to adapt our stock to reflect our client’s order history, which enables us to predict what you need and when you need it. We may even be able to tell you what you need before you ask for it!

Stock medication or Named Patient Supplies?

Most medication orders that we process are for stock medication. Our clients can place these orders can be placed using our online ordering website. Using stock medication will make managing your patients’ medication much easier and bring many benefits, including:

  • Less space required for storage
  • Less wastage as stock can be used for more than one patient
  • This, in turn, helps to reduce your costs
  • Prompt treatment is easier

There are occasions when it is not possible to use stock medication, however. Named Patient Supplies are mainly used for leave medication or when patients are discharged, but may be used whenever stock drugs are not appropriate.

A separate warehouse and dispensary

As we supply both stock and named patient supplies, we have a purpose built warehouse and dispensary which are not open to the public. The warehouse supplies the stock medication and the dispensary deals with the named patient supplies, so there is no chance of the two getting mixed up.

Ashtons is not a community pharmacy, allowing us to specialise in providing services to independent hospitals and to focus on this task. Traditional community pharmacies do not have a wholesale department and, therefore, cannot process orders in the same efficient manner as Ashtons.

Managing emergency and resuscitation drugs

We will help you manage your emergency drugs effectively to ensure your emergency drug box is always fully stocked and the contents never go out of date.

We are able to pre-order the required emergency drugs in a timely manner so that there is no delay in replenishing stock. We can also provide advice and information on the range and type of emergency drugs you require to meet the Care Quality Commission regulations, NICE clinical guidelines and Resuscitation Council guidelines, and offer appropriate medication training if required. We can provide a training seminar on ‘Anaphylaxis’.

If you require any more information, then please visit our website, call us on 0845 222 3550 or email us at info@ahps.co.uk.


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