Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week

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The Down’s Syndrome Association describes Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week (DSAW) as ‘a week that is used to celebrate people with downs syndrome of all ages, who are part of our communities – at home, in schools and colleges, in workplaces, clubs and social groups’.

How will spreading Down’s Syndrome Awareness help?

Out of around 1000 babies in the UK, one will be diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, meaning around 750 babies in the UK are born with the condition each year. Many babies are diagnosed with the condition after birth and you can check the NHS website for the physical symptoms associated with Down’s Syndrome.

People with Down’s syndrome should not be subject to prejudice and deserve the same rights as anybody else. This week gives people the chance to get educated on Down’s Syndrome and learn that sufferers are also important people in our community.

The NHS has a useful guide to care and support of someone with Down’s syndrome which can be found here. This guide is for people with care and support needs, as well as their carers and relatives. It includes advice on practical support for carers, parenting children with complex needs, tips on caring for a disabled child, children and young people’s services.

For more information…

You can get more information about Down’s syndrome and Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week from the Down’s Syndrome Association’s website.



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