Establishing more efficient and easier ordering

 In Simplifying Product Supply

Procuring the medication you need for both Named Patient and stock orders can be time consuming and complex. The dream scenario is a supplier you can trust to deliver on time and answer every question you ask.

It is also vital for a supplier to work with you to simplify the ordering process in your hospital. We will help you make your ordering process as efficient and easy as possible.

This will include implementing online ordering and setting up an online ward stock list that is bespoke to the requirements of each ward.

We can train ward staff on the best way to place your orders. This will give you more flexibility on the timing of orders, provide more duties for staff working night shifts, and save money by eliminating the need for a weekly visit from a pharmacy technician. Your staff will be able to order on a “just in time” rather than a “just in case” basis.

To help guide you through the various types of orders you may place with us, we will provide you with a Pharmacy Information Folder outlining clear guidance on how to access our pharmacy services.

Online Ordering for stock medication and medical supplies

We have designed our online ordering website to offer faster and easier ordering of stock medication and medical supplies for our clients’ convenience. This will also allow you to set up your online ward stock list that is bespoke to the requirements of each ward.

Using our online ordering service will also help improve cost control through better monitoring, speed up the ordering process to help you save time and increase the security and accuracy of your stock orders.

Dispensing Named Patient Supplies

To give you piece of mind our dedicated dispensary is operated to the highest of standards. It is managed under NPSA (National Patient Safety Agency) guidelines in order to minimise errors.

Named Patient Supplies are mainly used for leave medication or when patients are discharged, but may be used whenever stock drugs are not appropriate.

Sourcing products that are difficult to obtain

To help you ensure the most suitable treatment and products for your patients, we will always endeavour to source items that are difficult to obtain, even if we rarely stock them.

Our stock is comprehensive, including many items not usually stocked by community pharmacies or NHS hospitals. This includes psychotropic medication, specialist unlicensed drugs, and those you may find difficult to source from elsewhere, including Zyprexa and ZypAdhera injections.

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