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Young female doctor Checking Blood Sugar Level to mature patient with a glucometer.3.2 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with diabetes, and this number is expected to increase to 4 million in ten years. Diabetes is up to five times more common in those with severe mental illnesses than in the general population. Uncontrolled diabetes leads to higher morbidity and mortality rates.

Are all of the patients in your hospital screened for diabetes?

  • Type 2 diabetes can remain undetected for ten years or more, so it is important to screen all patients
  • Diabetic patients require ongoing monitoring and treatment to maintain their health
  • Incorrect administration of insulin and antidiabetic medication can have harmful and serious consequences

We offer a wide range of diabetes products, including blood glucose meters, test strips, control solutions, blood pressure, diabetes needles non-safety, diabetes safety pen needle, diabetes safety syringe, disposable insulin pen needles, glucose, insulin reusable pens, ketone test strips, safety insulin needle remover and single use safety lancets.


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