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Here at Ashtons, we can’t stress enough how important it is to fight diabetes, but if you do have it, it is important to manage it effectively.

3.2 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with diabetes, and this number is expected to increase to 4 million in ten years. Diabetes is also up to five times more common in those with severe mental illnesses than in the general population. Uncontrolled diabetes leads to higher morbidity and mortality rates.

If blood glucose is not managed properly, and high glucose levels are allowed to persist, this can cause damage to the walls of the blood vessels. This can increase your chances of developing diabetes complications such as nephropathy, neuropathy, and cardiovascular diseases.

However there is still time to rectify the problem as the development of these complications usually takes years, but something to bare in mind is that type 2 diabetes is often diagnosed at a relatively late stage.


Recommended products


Insulin injection pen

Insulin Reusable Pens

Our varied range of of insulin reusable pens include products from NOVOPEN range and CLICKSTAR.

Insulin pen injection with drop of insulin hormone on needle

Disposable Insulin Pen Needles

We supply a range of disposable insulin pen needles to fit certain insulin pens, to ensure a clean and safe insulin injection process.


To help hospitals give the best care to their diabetes patients, Ashtons offers a comprehensive range of diabetes products including blood glucose meters, test strips, control solutions, blood pressurediabetes needles non-safetydiabetes safety pen needle, diabetes safety syringedisposable insulin pen needlesglucoseinsulin reusable pens, ketone test stripssafety insulin needle remover and single use safety lancets.

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To view our full range of products click here: www.ashtonshospitalpharmacy.com/diabetes-products.

Diabetes products are also listed in our Medical Supplies Catalogue under ‘Diabetes’ on page 2.

If you are not currently an Ashtons client, but are interested in our range of medical supplies or setting up an account to order online, please call us on 0845 222 3550 or click here for further information on Ashtons and how to contact us.




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