E-learning reducing antimicrobial resistance

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Antimicrobial resistance is a major threat because if antibiotics lose their effectiveness in preventing and treating infections, then patients’ lives will be at risk. This will affect many routine treatments, such as setting broken bones, and basic surgical operations, as well as treating people with infections. All healthcare professionals, carers, and the general public have a significant role in preventing infections and in the proper use of antibiotics.

An e-learning programme has been developed by Health Education England in collaboration with Public Health England and NHS England on reducing antimicrobial resistance.

The programme is a single e-learning module entitled ‘Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance: An Introduction’ and the package aims to support staff in understanding the threats posed by antimicrobial resistance.

This e-learning provides the key facts about antimicrobial resistance, how to tackle antimicrobial resistance, and describes the important role everyone working in a health and social care environment has in tackling it.

You can access this e-learning course via http://tinyurl.com/zb362g5

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