Risk assessment of naloxone preparations for opiate withdrawal

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Naloxone injection is used to treat an overdose of opiate drugs in emergency situations when there is immediate threat to life due to a diagnosis of respiratory depression. It is available in pre-filled syringes and also ampoules. However, there is an increased risk of naloxone over-dosing with some preparations, triggering significant withdrawal symptoms which can be life-threatening in some circumstances.

UK Medicines Information (UKMi) has produced an assessment which reviews four UK licensed naloxone products available in a pre-filled syringe preparation and summarises considerations associated with their in-use safety when used as an emergency antidote.

To reduce risk of inadvertent naloxone overdose, use of single dose ampoules or pre-filled syringes with an associated training programme is recommended.

In addition, the use of local protocols, and also standardising the naloxone products that are available, will reduce risk and increase patient safety.

For more information and to view this report visit: http://tinyurl.com/jdyc8nh

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