How important are relationships to those with mental health problems?

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Mental Health Awareness Week is held every year in May to help increase awareness of mental health conditions and to try and shift the taboo surrounding them. This year’s awareness week has a theme which is relationships.

Since the Mental Health Foundation’s first Mental Health Awareness Week in 2000, they have pointed a spotlight on how certain things such as anxiety, sleep deprivation, and exercise can affect a person’s mental health.

This year the Mental Health Foundation are concentrating on relationships. Healthy relationships are crucial to our mental wellbeing and are an equally important factor to helping mental health as eating healthier and stopping smoking.

Healthy relationships are crucial to our mental wellbeing

There is a big push this year to promote good relationships in the work place with the Mental Health Foundation being big drivers of this, lobbying national governments, public bodies, and companies.

People can underestimate the effect on a person’s mental health that bullying or being isolated in their private or work life can have. It can have a massive impact on someone’s self-worth and confidence which can be key components to developing a mental health condition.

Even having unhealthy relationships with a partner or a friend can have a big impact on your mental wellbeing.

Ultimately nurturing these relationships are down to us and the people around us, so the Mental Health Foundation are challenging the general public to take a look at your relationships and assess if you give them enough time, and want you to go the “extra mile and prioritise them”.

Having good relationships will ultimately make you a lot happier in your life and will mean you are less susceptible to have a mental condition. Therefore, it is extremely worth putting in the effort to make sure you have healthy relationships with everyone in your life.

If you would like more information on Mental Health Awareness Week, please visit the Mental Health Foundation Website.




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