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To aid in the safe and effective use of medication, we provide documentation systems that are designed for use in healthcare establishments. They will help you establish a complete medication audit trail in your hospital and will provide strong evidence of compliance when used effectively.

Our clients receive a comprehensive range of industry-leading documentation systems. These have been developed using the unsurpassed expertise of our key pharmacists and directors and are produced in distinctive colours to assist with readability and visibility of important information.  The high-quality card ensures durability and robustness.

We continually develop new documentation systems in response to the evolving needs of our hospital clients and changing legislation. Bespoke documentation systems can also be produced for clients’ specific needs.

How will they help you?

These forms will help you:

  • Meet all relevant regulations and standards
  • Promote the safe and effective use of medication
  • Help reduce medication errors
  • Improve medication compliance

To further assist with compliance issues, we provide clozapine dose titration, rapid tranquillisation, and side-effect monitoring scales.

We have also developed an approved controlled drugs register, a recording system for drugs liable for misuse, pharmacy information folders, and clinic room audit filing systems. These can be adapted for use by our clients in any kind of healthcare setting.

Our documentation includes:

  • The Ashtons Prescription Chart
  • Variable Dose Prescription Chart
  • Clozapine Dose Titration Chart
  • Rapid Tranquillisation Monitoring
  • Side-effect monitoring scales
  • Clinic Room Audit File
  • Ashtons Controlled Drugs Register
  • Ashtons Record of Drugs Liable for Misuse
  • Pharmacy Information Folder

If you would like to know more about our prescription cards and documentation systems, then please call us on 0345 222 3550 or email us at


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