National Glaucoma Awareness Week

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What is the aim of National Glaucoma Awareness Week

National Glaucoma Awareness Week (NGAW) is concentrating on the theme, ‘Get Eye Wise’. The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) are the architects of this awareness week and are focusing on the impact of dry eye syndrome for people suffering from glaucoma.

The IGA suggest that 50-60% of people with glaucoma, will be affected by dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome can have a serious impact on a person’s quality of life, as it can make the eye feel dry, scratchy, irritated and watery. The condition results in not enough tears being produced or evaporating too quickly, leaving the eye feeling extremely uncomfortable. The IGA state that ‘In severe cases, people report pain, discomfort and depression, and its impact has been compared with that of angina, dialysis and disabling hip fractures.

What is Glaucoma?

The NHS describe Glaucoma as “a condition which can affect sight, usually due to a build-up of pressure within the eye”. This disease can cause you to go blind.

Glaucoma is a condition which can affect sight, usually due to a build-up of pressure within the eye

 The NHS also states that “Chronic open-angle glaucoma affects up to two in every 100 people over 40 years old and around five in every 100 people over 80 years old”. For more information on the disease, please visit the NHS website.

Early Diagnosis of glaucoma can be the difference between being able to see or going blind. The UK Vision Strategy website suggests that 90% of people who are diagnosed with glaucoma at an early stage will retain a useful level of sight for life. However it’s estimated more than half of cases remain undetected in the UK, and once sight is lost, it cannot be restored.

The IGA aims to support the campaign by starting new research into the understanding of glaucoma, so fewer people will lose their sight because of it. They will also be trying to increase the awareness of the disease by distributing awareness packs across multiple channels and advertising on bus shelters, in newspapers, and on websites.

For more information on National Glaucoma Awareness Week, please visit the IGA’s website.

How can Ashtons help?

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