NICE updated guidance for psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people (CG155)

 In Clinical Guidelines, NICE guidelines

This guideline covers recognising and managing psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people. It aims to improve early recognition of psychosis and schizophrenia so that children and young people can be offered the treatment and care they need to live with the condition. It also includes specific guidance about the use of olanzapine in sections 1.3.14 and 1.3.15 regarding advising about the risk of weight gain.

This guideline includes recommendations on:

  • Working safely and effectively with children and young people
  • Referring, assessing and treating possible psychosis
  • Referring, assessing and treating first-episode psychosis
  • Treating acute exacerbations or recurrences of psychosis or schizophrenia
  • Referring children and young people who are in crisis and managing challenging behaviour
  • Promoting recovery in primary care and secondary care

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