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MaPPs (Medicines: A Patient Profile Summary) is an information resource designed to assist patients in understanding their treatment with medication by providing them with a printout of simplified details. It is available via the Ashtons Live View website and it has been accessible to our clients for some time now, as we believe it is a key tool in helping hospitals improve patient involvement in their treatment, which is a key issue in the CQC’s fundamental standards.
Patients need leaflets that are written at the right level, readable, and individualised to the particular patient in order to provide optimum benefits. MaPPs leaflets can be produced quickly, easily and flexibly by nurses or clinical staff and are provided in an accessible PDF format which can be printed for the patient or stored electronically.

MaPPs’s new features include:

  • A larger print for people who are visually impaired
  • A reminder chart pre-populated with drugs, forms, and information on how to use the medicine, with doses and times shown using pull-down menus
  • A MAR chart, pre-populated with the patient’s medicines

The reminder chart or MAR (Medication Administration Record) chart can be used as part of a self-administration programme within the hospital by helping to promote compliance with prescribed treatment.

MaPPs can be accessed via Ashtons Live View here: https://liveview.ahps.co.uk/login

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