NICE Bites – NG46 Controlled Drugs: safe use and management

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The aim of NICE Bites is to provide a clear and in-depth summary of all prescribing recommendations from NICE guidance.

The NICE guidance on Controlled Drugs NG46 covers systems and processes for using and managing CDs safely in all NHS settings except care homes. It aims to improve working practices to comply with legislation and have robust governance arrangements. It also aims to reduce the safety risks associated with Controlled Drugs.

This guideline includes recommendations:

  • For organisations on developing systems and processes, including governance arrangements, storage, stock checks, transportation and destruction and disposal
  • For organisations on record keeping, risk assessment and reporting Controlled Drug-related incidents for organisations
  • For health professionals on prescribing, obtaining and supplying, administering and handling Controlled Drugs
  • For health professionals monitoring use, including governance and systems for reporting concerns and incidents

This version of NICE Bites provides you with the main points from NG46, giving you detailed bullet points to make the information more easily digestible. It takes you through every stage of the use and management of Controlled Drugs, from prescribing to obtaining and administering.

It is very important that hospitals get familiar with this guideline, as Controlled Drugs procedures form a lot of the regulatory compliance hospitals need to adhere to as they can be extremely addictive, misused and cause harm to patients.

You can see the new NICE Bites by following this link:

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