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Eye health is extremely important to all of us and is often taken for granted. A survey in 2014, conducted by the College of Optometrists discovered although 68% of people thought their eyesight was their most important sense, an incredible “61% of people would put up with bad eyesight despite it having a detrimental effect on their life.”

What is the aim of National Eye Health Week

National Eye Health Week (NEHW) aims to educate people on how best to look after their eyes, and get people to have more regular checks. This is because ultimately, once your eyesight is gone it’s extremely hard to get back.

 National Eye Health Week was created by Vision Matters and this will be the seventh year it has run, taking place the week of the 18th to the 24th September 2016. Again, this year, eye care charities, eye care organisations and healthcare professionals up and down the UK will unite to emphasise the importance of looking after your eyes and the benefit of having regular eye tests.

People at risk of eye disease

 The NHS have outlined high-risk groups, who have an increased chance of suffering from eye diseases, and therefore it is more important for the following to have regular eyesight checks:

  • above 60 years old
  • from certain ethnic groups – for example, people from African-Caribbean communities are at greater risk of developing glaucoma and diabetes, and people from south Asian communities are at a greater risk of developing diabetes; diabetic retinopathy, where the retina becomes damaged, is a common complication of diabetes
  • someone with a learning disability
  • from a family with a history of eye disease

Tips for good eye health

It is recommended by Vision Express that everyone should be having an eye test every 2 years as a matter of course, even if you are not having problems with your eyes. However, it may need to be more frequent depending on your age and medical history.

You can improve your eye health by eating well, stopping smoking and wearing your sunglasses when the sun is bright

Vision matters also add that “on top of getting your sight check there are many lifestyle changes you can make to help maintain healthy eyes. They recommend that you eat well, don’t smoke and wear your sunglasses when the sun is bright.”

Facts and tips on Eye health



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