Multimorbidity: clinical assessment and management (NG56)

 In Clinical Guidelines, NICE guidelines

This NICE guideline covers optimising care for adults with multimorbidity. It aims to improve the quality of life by increasing the patient’s involvement in their care with regards to their treatments, health priorities, lifestyle, and goals. The need for multiple appointments and polypharmacy also should be reduced where possible.

This guideline sets out which people are most likely to benefit from an approach to care that takes account of multimorbidity, how they can be identified and what the care involves.

This guideline includes recommendations on:

  • Taking account of multimorbidity in tailoring an approach to care
  • How to identify people who may benefit
  • How to assess frailty
  • Principles of an approach to care that takes account of multimorbidity
  • Delivering an approach to care

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