A Competency Framework for prescribers

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A new and updated Competency Framework to support healthcare professionals to prescribe effectively has been published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in conjunction with NICE.

Medication has evolved so much in recent years, which has meant that prescribing medication has become a more complex task. With many more variations of medication to choose from and an increasing amount of people who are long-term sick, any advice can be a massive help during the prescribing process.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) have suggested that “between 30% and 50% of medicines prescribed for long-term conditions are not taken as intended”. The competency framework has been developed to improve this.

The Framework illustrates good prescribing practice, with ten key prescribing competencies encompassing two areas: the consultation, and prescribing governance.

The consultation

  1. Assess the patient
  2. Consider the options
  3. Reach a shared decision
  4. Prescribe
  5. Provide information
  6. Monitor and review

Prescribing governance

  1. Prescribe safely
  2. Prescribe professionally
  3. Improve prescribing practice
  4. Prescribe as part of a team

If you would like more information about the Competency Framework for Prescribers then please see the full report here: http://ow.ly/xN13304SUrD

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