CQC Annual Report – The Safer Management of Controlled Drugs

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The CQC has released its annual report on the safer management of Controlled Drugs. In this report, which covers 2015, the CQC makes three recommendations to strengthen existing arrangements for reporting and sharing of Controlled Drug concerns across England. It showcases local and national initiatives to promote their safe use and to reduce the harm caused by their misuse and also highlights the trends and changes in Controlled Drugs use in 2015.

The CQC found that the following were the “key legislation changes and national trends in Controlled Drugs use and management”:

  • Electronic prescribing of Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs is now permitted.
  • Physiotherapist and podiatrist independent prescribers are able to prescribe a limited range of Controlled Drugs for the treatment of disease or injury.
  • Ketamine became a Schedule 2 Controlled Drug (with exemptions for specific health professionals under Patient Group Directions).
  • Standardised requisition forms for Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs became mandatory.

Along with these findings the CQC have offered these three recommendations to NHS England Controlled Drugs Accountable (CDAOs), CDAOs in all organisations, and local authorities:

  • NHS England CDAOs should agree on and collect consistent information on Controlled Drug-related issues to provide a national picture.
  • All CDAOs should support the NHS England CDAOs by providing information requested of them in a timely way so that the CD Local Intelligence Networks (LINs) function effectively and productively.
  • Local authorities, through their Public Health and Adult Social Care Directors, should engage with their CD LINs to share concerns about Controlled Drugs that relate to the services they commission – in particular, social care organisations and drug and alcohol services.

You can find a more in-depth report, along with the progress made on 2014’s CQC recommendations, at http://ow.ly/R3qM304SWQc

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