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We believe that providing good communication is key to enhancing customer satisfaction.

Customers have told us that they value having a single dedicated phone line and so we provide this to make it easier for you to contact us. We understand that you expect fast service and sometimes require urgent help, so we focus on providing the best possible response times, ensuring you are not left waiting. Over 95% of the calls we receive are answered within 15 seconds.

Outstanding customer service is a natural part of our personality.

But getting a speedy reply to your call is not enough and you should also be confident that you are receiving a professional response. We feel that the best way to achieve this is through a well-trained, dedicated Customer Service Team who are entirely focused on answering your queries and providing solutions.

Whether you have a question about medication stock or need assistance with a clinical query, we have the required staff and resources to provide consistent and clear responses to meet your expectations.

Providing access to a dedicated team to support you in this way makes Ashtons unique among pharmacy providers. Ensuring you always deal with the same team enhances the consistency of service and advice you will receive. If you need to make a follow-up call, then you will be able to speak to the same person, which saves both time and frustration, as you won’t need to repeat the background of your discussion to another staff member.

Also, by providing our team with up-to-date product knowledge and having clinical pharmacists on-hand to offer assistance, you will always be able to speak to someone with the sufficient expertise to help you.

Key features of our Customer Service Team

  • Overseen by an experienced and professional Customer Service Manager
  • Specialist knowledge covering stock medication named patient and special orders
  • Specialist clinical advice from a pharmacist, available until 10 pm every day of the year
  • Focused on providing the best response times, with 95% of calls answered within 15 seconds
  • Continuous improvement of the standard of our customer service
  • Offer alternative product recommendations when items are out of stock
  • A proactive approach to every order, updating customers about their orders, stock availability or delivery dates
  • Source difficult to find products with our purchasing team

If you have any queries, you can speak to our Team on 0345 222 3550.

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