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The NHS in England deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours. With these many people using NHS hospitals there are significant risks of infection spreading from person to person, whether it’s bacterial or viral. This means a hospital’s infection control is paramount to patient safety, especially the use of cleaning products, such as a medical sanitiser.

It is estimated that 300,000 patients a year in England acquire a healthcare‑associated infection. This was outlined by NICE as part of their quality standard for ‘Infection prevention and control’ (QS61). The prevalence of healthcare-associated infections in hospitals in England in 2011 was 6.4%. The most common of these are respiratory infections (22.8%), urinary tract infections (17.2%), and surgical site infections. Each one of these infections means the additional use of resources, greater patient discomfort and a decrease in patient safety.

Infection control should be of paramount importance to all healthcare organisations as it will increase patient safety. Every disease, condition, procedure and sometimes medication can reduce the body’s natural defences against infection. It is not possible to remove the risk of infection completely. Therefore, steps must be taken to control the risk of infection wherever possible.

Medical sanitisers and virucidal sprays are a great way to start killing germs before they can do any harm to patients. Making sure you sanitise surfaces and medical instruments in a timely fashion is a key first-line defence against infection.


How can Ashtons help?



Virucidal spray

Our powerful Virucidal Cleaner spray is ideal for use in healthcare settings and any location where infection control is a concern. The Virucidal spray we offer is a powerful multi-purpose bactericidal cleaner and sanitiser. It kills MRSA, Influenza virus, E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, HIV and Hepatitis C. The spray is Bleach-free, non-tainting, unperfumed and suitable for use in healthcare, catering, schools and high-risk applications. It’s extremely easy to use, the virucidal cleaner comes diluted in a 750ml spray bottle. Simply spray onto a clean cloth, wipe down the area and allow to dry. There is no need to rinse.



Medical sanitiser

Our medical sanitiser is sold in a convenient 750ml spray bottle and is suitable for use on most hard surfaces to prevent the spread of infection. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria including E-coli, MRSA, Hepatitis B, HIV and a range of pathogenic organisms. It is ideal for wiping all areas to help prevent infection.

Because this medical sanitiser spray has been diluted, it’s ready to use straight away. Simply spray the solution onto a clean cloth, making sure it dampens it, then wipe the area. No need to rinse, just leave to dry.


We offer an extensive selection of medical supplies to help you maintain high levels of hygiene and control infections, including hand sanitizerswipes and medical sprays. A much wider range of products for infection control, including gloves, aprons and antiseptics are also available from our online ordering website. If you have any questions at all then please call us on 0345 222 3550 or email us at




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