NICE launches food allergy and anaphylaxis e-learning tool

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NICE has launched this e-learning tool for healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care who are likely to have first contact with anyone experiencing food allergy or anaphylaxis.

It aims to support the implementation of NICE quality standards QS118 and QS119.

This tool is free and easy to use, with clear section titles to guide the user through and bookmarks marking their place, if they are called away. The tool can then be picked up again where they left off, at a later date.

There are five section titles for the user to navigate which include –

  1. Understanding the quality standards on food allergy [QS118] and anaphylaxis [QS119]
  2. History taking and the use of tools for diagnosis of food allergies
  3. Referral criteria and pathways for food allergy and anaphylaxis
  4. Demonstration of the adrenaline injection device
  5. Summary and reflection

The e-learning resource can be found on the NICE website.



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