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Ashtons Pharmacy News April 2017 (email)_Page_6The Ashtons Live View System facilitates the electronic reporting of communication between the pharmacist and clinical staff in the hospital. The pharmacists report any clinical interventions, audits and compliance issues following their ward visits and this information is emailed to the relevant staff and managers. The hospital staff can communicate back to the pharmacist and this ensures that any issues are dealt with promptly.

New data from the Ashtons Live View System shows that pharmacists’ reports submitted electronically reduce medication errors by 35% and prescription errors by 40%, dramatically improving patient safety and therefore improving treatment outcomes.

Since its launch in 2014, hospitals using this system have recorded a 57% reduction in patient detail errors, a 35% reduction in administration errors and a 21% decrease in Mental Health Act compliance errors.

This electronic reporting provides a database of information which increases over time following the pharmacists’ visits. The database enables a high level of trend analysis and can provide comparisons between the performance of hospitals, wards and individuals.

Nationally, electronic reporting by pharmacists is not yet widely used but Ashtons has demonstrated that it is a key factor in ensuring safer patient care.

The delivery of better patient care is made from a continuous cycle of improvement through:

  • Real-time reporting which provides instant access to pharmacist audit data and a suite of pre-defined reports
  • Increased transparency thanks to the ability to view and respond to pharmacist comments and concerns, benchmark performance and reduce error rates by sharing best practice
  • Better performance monitoring, providing early warning of issues by monitoring of trends and highlighting common problems or training concerns
  • Making improvements by identifying deficiencies in performance against required standards and providing a foundation for changes to facilitate improvements, leading to better patient care.

Live View also provides access to a wealth of clinical information through a variety of online resources, including the new Ashtons Formulary, an information resource for making evidence-based choices for medicines, as well as NICE, MHRA, NHS England clinical guidelines and the NEWT Guidelines which provides support when administering medicines to patients with swallowing problems.

The platform also provides two important tools to provide help with patient involvement: A Medication and Patient Profile Summary and Choice and Medication which provides online mental health information.

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