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There is a national supply problem with Hyoscine Hydrobromide tablets, Kwells, and the resulting shortage of stock may continue for several months. These are mainly used to treat nausea and also hypersalivation. When the supply of hyoscine tablets runs out, there will be a need to review each patient’s treatment. Some alternative treatment options are provided below, but there are other options and further advice can be obtained by your pharmacist.

For patients treated under the Mental Health Act 1983

The relevant Mental Health Act (MHA) treatment forms will need to reflect the use of any new medication which is prescribed in place of the Hyoscine tablets. If the patient is consenting to treatment (Form T2) then their MHA form should be rewritten by the responsible clinician. For non-consenting patients, a SOAD will be needed for Form T3. However, the CQC recommend that a Section 62(2) should be used in the interim to permit an alternative treatment pending an SOAD visit.

Hyoscine (Scopoderm) patches

Presently there is no supply difficulty for this preparation, however, this may change as the month’s progress due to unprecedented demand. The ‘route’ for these is transdermal, and this must be specified on the MHA treatment forms e.g. ‘Hyoscine patch (transdermal), apply every 72 hours’.

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