Paliperidone 3-monthly prolonged release injection (Trevicta®)

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A 3-monthly prolonged release injection of paliperidone has become available (Trevicta®)

Paliperidone is an antipsychotic medicine used for schizophrenia and psychotic or manic symptoms. It is available as a modified-release tablet (Invega®). It is also available for maintenance treatment as a prolonged release 1-monthly injections (Xeplion®).

Trevicta® is licensed for use with patients who are already clinically stable on Xeplion®

It is essential for patient safety that the 1-monthly and 3-monthly injections are prescribed and administered correctly. The only clinical advantage in using Trevicta® is the reduced frequency of administration. There are no cost advantages, as the price is pro rata the same.

Further details are available from the manufacturer’s summary of product characteristics (SPC).

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