Standards & competency assessments for using inhalers

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The UK Inhaler Group have produced guidance and competencies for healthcare staff to support them in ensuring that patients are using their inhalers properly. The document outlines a basis for assessment and aims to optimise drug administration.

Medication delivered via inhaler format are important for conditions such as asthma and COPD. It allows the medication to quickly get into the airways and address the root cause of the problem. However, the success of the inhalation process relies on a lot of variables such as the type of inhaler used, the characteristics of the device and the ability for the patient to use the device. Therefore the UK Inhaler Group has developed these standards to address these challenges.

The UK Inhaler Group offer 12 different standards for training and assessment of inhaler technique and a further seven steps detailing the best way to use an inhaler device. To see the full document please visit –

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